Laboratory of Physical Methods in Biosensorics and Nanotheranostics

Department of Medical Physics, Faculty of Physics, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lab leader Dr. Liubov Osminkina
Research in the field of nanomedicine and nanosensorics focuses on materials based on porous silicon nanostructures for drug delivery, photosensitization, sonosensitization, high frequency electromagnetic wave sensitization for therapy, in vivo and in vitro imaging using photoluminescent nanoparticles; photonic crystals, SERS-active nanostructures, biosensors, antiviral and antibacterial agents. Our group is an expert in the synthesis, chemistry, electrochemistry, optical and quantum-confinement properties of silicon-based nanosystems.


Silicon with a nanopattern
A popular science article in the journal Chemistry and Life (Rus)
Liubov Osminkina «Nanomedicine» (Rus)
The lecture was delivered at the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University on December 15, 2021 as part of the Interfaculty Course "Physical Foundations of Medical Technologies".
Liubov Osminkina «Nanomedicine: the path to the future» (Rus)
Liubov Osminkina «Nanomedicine: the path to the future» (Rus) for the NAU project of the Department of Education and Science of Moscow.