Synthesis of nanostructures

We are engaged in the fabrication of silicon nanostructures of tunable morphology by electrochemical and metal-assisted chemical etching of crystalline silicon wafers.

Porous silicon films

  • Macroporous silicon

  • Mesoporous silicon

  • Microporous silicon

  • Perforated silicon

Silicon nanowires

  • Porous nanowires

  • Non-porous nanowires

Silicon nanoparticles (powders and suspensions)

  • Suspension of porous and non-porous PSi NPs

  • Microporous PSi NPs powder

  • Mesoporous luminescent PSi NPs

Composite silicon/silver/gold nanostructures

  • Silicon nanowires decorated with gold

  • Silicon nanowires decorated with gold/silver bimetal

  • Porous films with embedded gold/silver nanoparticles